World Games 2009 Eco Stadium

The World Games 2009 will be held in Kaohsiung City, Taiwan in a newly and uniquely built eco-friendly National Stadium from July 16-26. The stadium is a breathtaking facility that has incorporated some distinct eco-friendly design elements.

The stadium is rimmed with a partial canope roof that trails off into the surrounding promenade and is clad in 8,844 solar-voltaic panels to generate electricity. Not only does the solar panel system provide electricity during the games, but the surplus energy can also be sold during the non-game period. This is an unprecedented case of solar energy exploit on Taiwan. Besides the fact, that the stadium conforms to the trend of “Energy Saving & Carbon Reduction”, it is also a new representative of sport stadiums.
The design was created by Toyo Ito, and the construction process required 2 years to complete. Additionally, the building was constructed with 100% re-usable materials, all locally sourced in Taiwan.

Source from The world Games 2009