Wonders of Earth Hour 2009

Major cities went dark on Saturday, 28 March 2009 for Earth Hour, becoming part of the global protest against climate change. From an Antarctic research base to the Great Pyramids of Egypt and beyond, the world switched off the lights on Saturday for Earth Hour, dimming skyscrapers, city streets and some of the world's most recognizable monuments for 60 minutes to highlight the threat of climate change.

Taj Mahal Hotel - India

Puerta De Alcala - Madrid

St. Stephens Tower - London

New York

Millenium Bridge - England

Shanghai - China


Lima Down Town

Taipei 101 - Taiwan

Petronas Twin Towers - Malaysia

Las Vegas

Hong Kong

Giza Pyramids - Egypt

Eiffel Tower - Paris

Colosseum - Rome

Christ The Redeemer Statute - Brazil

Burj Al Arab Hotel -Dubai

Bangkok - Thailand

Agbar Tower - Barcelona

Jakarta - Indonesia

Sydney - Australia

St Peter Basilica Dome - Rome

Hill of Acropolis - Athen

The initiative, Earth Hour, was begun in Sydney two years ago by green campaigners keen to cut energy use. Millions of people world-wide cast their votes in support of the Earth, urging world leaders to take action to fight global warming. The results will be presented at the 2009 Global Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen.

Celebrate and visit Earth Hour.


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