Wine Tasting Bar Art

Established in 1977, Spring Mountain based Newton Vineyard has teamed up with U.K. designer Claire Danthois to create an eco-chic six-foot wine tasting bar that is built with 100% reclaimed materials including wood from barrels once used to age Newton's red wines, as well as recycled blend of a 300 year-old oak barrels acquired from a wine merchant in England. The custom-designed bar has 112 segments of oak that represent Newton estate’s 112 different vineyard blocks.

Only five bars have been crafted, one will stay at the Newton estate in St. Helena and others will be exhibited at a series of Newton “Unfiltered” events in New York City, London and Tokyo. One bar will be auctioned off later this year and the profits will go to Global Green USA, a non-profit organization dedicated to curtailing global climate change.


Sntxgrp said...

wow, that wine bar is super cute. is there a place in CA that i could get one?

Eco Resort

ecocentrics said...

Thanks for stopping by Anthony! We thought there's only 1 bar will be auctioned off later this year but not sure where's the exact location. :)

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